We Had an Awesome Time in Arizona!

We had a ton of great conversations at the AIAAA conference in State Forty Eight, but we don't want the dialogue to stop there. We encourage you to reach out TODAY to schedule a demo!

We Had an Awesome Time in Arizona!

We offer up  a HUGE "Thank you!" to all the incredible administrators who attended the presentation from AD in Residence Scott Garvis, CMAA, at the annual Arizona Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association conference on September 11.

It is always an honor for us to share more about how Bound is aiming to change the game for activities administrators. We had a ton of great conversations at the AIAAA conference in State Forty Eight, but we don't want the dialogue to stop there. We encourage you to reach out TODAY to schedule a demo to learn more about the transformative nature of Bound's full suite of tools. Just click the button below to learn more.

We Know ADs

At Bound, WE UNDERSTAND ADs and we know you weren’t hired to juggle multiple jobs. Bound is a single-source solution providing the technology and tools that enable your Activities Department to streamline the tasks that bog you down, freeing up the time and resources necessary to build a successful program. Check the stories below for real-world examples of how Bound is making a difference for activities directors day in and day out.

Maximizing Bound’s Potential
North Cedar (IA) Athletic Director Brad Doerring has spearheaded an innovative approach that has propelled the school’s athletic program to new heights.
Unify Your Fundraising Efforts with Bound
As budgets continue to tighten and the cost of running a quality athletics program continues to rise, it is vital to be able to tap private sources of revenue to keep things moving forward.
Tamin Lipsey Camp Leverages Bound for Registration, Communicaiton
When presented with the opportunity to partner with Iowa State point guard Tamin Lipsey on his first-ever youth camp, we jumped at it. With Tamin hailing from our hometown of Ames, and our tools perfect for facilitating registration and promotion, it was a slam dunk. In addition to partnering with
Bound™ Offers an Extra Set of Hands for Gordon, Rams
From communicating with athletes, to posting information for community, Bound™meets the needs of Greene County teamBy about any measure, the Greene County School District in the west central Iowatown of Jefferson is small. The district has four schools in kindergartenthrough 12th grade, a total…
Bound™ Helps Gunderson Make a Technological Leap Forward
Diverse tools make it easier for everything from managing stats to communicatingwith families and the communityIn more than two decades in athletics administration, Mark Gunderson is alwayson the hunt for technologies that can help him do his work more efficiently. AsAthletic Director in the MOC…
Bound™ Tournaments Brings Order to Ames Early Bird
Bound Tournaments helps coordinate your event, from promotion and registration through payments, scheduling, and brackets.

Resources for ADs

Check Out Scott's Latest Book ... for FREE!

Whether you are in your first year or your 25th year, being an Athletic Director is a difficult job. Good Athletic Directors like the best coaches are constantly trying to improve their skills. Scott Garvis’ new book is filled with wisdom and application based concepts from his years serving coaches and athletes. Put this book in your professional library to shorten your learning curve, inspire others and to add to your leadership legacy.

Do More than Just Survive ... THRIVE With a Helping Hand from the Bound Team

In this series, we dive into the various issues that athletic directors face and offer up strategies to thrive in the face of these challenges.

Recognizing the BEST ADs in the U.S.

After much thought, research, and consultation with athletic administrators, media, and coaches, we present the 50 Influential Athletic Administrators List. This list is focused on current Athletic Leaders who hold positions in Interscholastic Educational based athletics . All of the Athletic Leaders on this list have made significant contributions to the profession of athletic administration and/or continue to make a great impact on their schools and the education based athletics community.

About Scott Garvis, CMAA, Bound AD in Residence

Scott Garvis has been a leader and innovator in intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics development and fundraising for more than 25 years – as an athletics director, coach, association board member, adviser and editorial contributor.

Scott has a record of excellence as Athletics Director, Director of Activities and Assistant Principal, having led the athletics departments at six high schools or school districts in three states.  He has achieved unparalleled success at all levels of high school athletics: large public school districts, a small public high school, a private school, and with state and national athletics administrator associations.