From the Trenches: Part 2

In this series, we dive into the various issues that athletic directors face and offer up strategies to thrive in the face of these challenges.

From the Trenches: Part 2

The Issues Facing Education Based Athletics & Strategies for Today's Athletic Administrators

By Brent Buttjer and Scott Garvis, CMAA, Bound AD in Residence

Editors Note: This is a mutli-part series offering insight on the most pressing issues facing education based athletics and how they can best be addressed.

Part 2: Facilities and Program Space

Another major challenge facing athletic directors is providing enough facilities and space to accommodate their programs. Here are three strategies that can help address this issue:

  1. Utilize creative scheduling: Athletic directors can look at creative scheduling options to make the most out of their existing facilities. For example, schools can stagger practice schedules or consider sharing facilities with nearby schools.
  2. Invest in facility improvements: Upgrading or expanding facilities can help address the space issue. Schools can apply for grants, seek donations, or work with booster clubs to fund these improvements.
  3. Encourage participation from co-op schools: Athletic directors can work with small schools to encourage participation in joint programs. This can allow schools to share resources, increase participation numbers, and create more opportunities for athletes.
"Facilities issues and lack of space can present challenges for our programs. But let's not forget that great athletes are not made by their facilities, but by their determination, resilience, and commitment to their sport. Let's use our limited space as an opportunity to sharpen our skills, creativity, and teamwork, and prove that we can overcome any obstacle in pursuit of our goals."  ~ Brent Buttjer

About Scott Garvis, CMAA, Bound AD in Residence

Scott Garvis has been a leader and innovator in intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics development and fundraising for more than 25 years – as an athletics director, coach, association board member, adviser and editorial contributor.

Scott has a record of excellence as Athletics Director, Director of Activities and Assistant Principal, having led the athletics departments at six high schools or school districts in three states.  He has achieved unparalleled success at all levels of high school athletics: large public school districts, a small public high school, a private school, and with state and national athletics administrator associations.