Coaching to Change Lives: Dennis Parker's Transformational Program

Coaching to Change Lives: Dennis Parker's Transformational Program

In the world of sports coaching, few individuals leave an indelible mark that goes beyond victories on the field. Dennis Parker, twice named High School Football Coach of the Year in East Texas, is one such inspiration. His "Changing Lives" program is not just about winning games; it's about changing the culture within schools and teams, creating a positive impact that reverberates in the lives of students and players. This article delves into the principles, goals, and the profound significance of the "Changing Lives" program.

Changing Lives Through Principles

One of the core foundations of the Changing Lives program is the belief that principles can induce behavioral changes in students and players. These principles are derived from extensive research into the qualities exhibited by 100 of the greatest leaders in history. The program is aptly named "36 Qualities of Success" because it identifies and emphasizes 36 character qualities that are inherent in all individuals.

Dennis Parker, the visionary behind the program, explains, "All 36 character qualities are inherent in all people. Our FREE curriculum allows you to pull out and develop these qualities. This curriculum is appropriate for ages 12 through adult." This accessibility is a testament to the program's commitment to broad and inclusive character development.

The program's curriculum includes a diverse array of resources, from videos and PDFs to motivational stories and the Dog Tag Challenge, providing a versatile and engaging platform for character development. It's a comprehensive approach that touches not only the minds but also the hearts of its participants.

The Three Core Goals

The "Changing Lives" program is built on three fundamental goals:

1. Improving Relationships: The program aims to enhance relationships with family and friends. By instilling character qualities, individuals are better equipped to forge meaningful and enduring connections with others.

2. Social and Emotional Growth: A key objective is personal growth, encompassing both social and emotional aspects. Participants learn to better understand and regulate their emotions, leading to more fulfilling lives.

3. Cultivating a Selfless Spirit: The program emphasizes a shift from self-centered thinking to a focus on the well-being of others. It promotes empathy, kindness, and a sense of responsibility toward the community.

Dennis Parker elaborates, "To become more interested in the well-being of others vs. yourself." It's a call to action that resonates with the essence of the Changing Lives program: the transformation of individuals into selfless, caring, and responsible citizens.

Why Choose the Changing Lives Program?

The program offers a multitude of benefits, making it an attractive choice for schools, coaches, students, and players. Dennis Parker outlines the key reasons to consider the program:

1. Creating Unity: Through the development of character qualities, the program fosters unity among staff, coaches, students, and players. This sense of togetherness can have a profound impact on team dynamics and the school community.

2. Purpose-Driven Lives: The program helps individuals discover and embrace their life's purpose. By aligning actions with personal values, participants lead more meaningful and purposeful lives.

3. Responsible Decision-Making: With character development at its core, the program equips individuals to make responsible decisions, enhancing personal and professional decision-making skills.

4. Leading a Life of Significance: The Changing Lives program encourages participants to reflect on the legacy they wish to leave behind, emphasizing a life of significance over mere success.

5. Self-Awareness and Expression: The program enables individuals to recognize and articulate their thoughts and actions, fostering better communication and self-expression.

Accessing the Changing Lives Program

For those interested in benefiting from this transformative program, access is conveniently available through the free web-based program. The official website,, serves as the gateway to a wealth of resources, including the curriculum, videos, and contact information.

As Dennis Parker emphasizes, "Create unity among staff, coaches, students, and players. Lead a life of significance." It's a rallying call for individuals and institutions to embrace the program and lead lives that make a positive difference in the world.

If you have any questions or require additional information, feel free to reach out to Dennis Parker directly at or call him at 936-714-9340.


The success of the Changing Lives program is best exemplified by the voices of those who have experienced its positive influence.

Even the esteemed former coach Bobby Bowden at Florida State University recognizes Dennis Parker's work as among the most needed in American schools, underlining the critical role the Changing Lives program plays in character development and education. Coach Bowden states, "Dennis is perhaps the most highly respected clinician and speaker in the nation, his work on the development of this curriculum is one of the most needed in American schools."

The Changing Lives program, spearheaded by Dennis Parker, transcends the boundaries of sports coaching, bringing about personal growth, social change, and character development. By instilling the 36 Qualities of Success, the program empowers individuals to lead lives of significance and purpose, nurturing relationships, and fostering a strong sense of community. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of character education, impacting not only athletes but also the entire school community.