Brian Kujath Joins the Bound Team

Brian Kujath Joins the Bound Team

We are thrilled to announce a valuable addition to the Bound team - Brian Kujath! With an impressive 22 years of experience in amateur athletics, Brian joins as a Bound Director and will continue to lead support for Bound's Track & XC registration management.

Brian's noteworthy career as the former managing director of Black Squirrel Timing showcases his dedication and reliability. He and his team timed over 2,500 events, including numerous high school and college events, earning valuable respect and recognition in the industry. Bound is enthusiastic about Brian's wealth of experience in offering cutting-edge solutions for Nebraska Athletic Directors. Through Bound's software platform, a wide spectrum of stakeholders including administrators, parents, athletes, and fans will gain access to a suite of tools designed to bring them closer to the heart of high school sports and activities.

We believe Brian's commitment to the athletic community will enhance our capabilities and further our mission of providing top-notch sports and activities management software.

Join us in welcoming Brian Kujath to the Bound family, and we look forward to achieving new heights together!

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