Bound Break (Issue 31)

As an AD your job is about managing teams, schedules, and facilities. But that's not all. Your job is about illuminating the path for others so they, in turn, can become the beacons of success for those around them.

Bound Break (Issue 31)

"Being an Athletic Director is not a job it's a life style."

The role of the AD is not just about managing teams, schedules, and facilities; it's about illuminating the path for others so they, in turn, can become the beacons of success for those around them.


Ready to Get Back on Track? We Can Help!

Our Bound Directors have assembled the ULTIMATE Track & Field Meet Manual to help you ensure you have all your bases covered when you host. Download it at the button below!

Build Your Program By Bolstering Camps

We hear from coaches and ADs all the time that the biggest barrier to hosting regular camps is offering a simple registration we built one.

WAAAAAAYYYYY too many high schools and youth clubs are missing out on the value—in terms of program development AND dollars—that come with camps. Our easy-to-use solution makes it a cinch for for parents and activities departments! We offer:

  • The ability to begin athlete registration one your timeline, whenever you would like
  • Athlete profiles that are automatically pulled forward, reducing the logistics of hosting annual and/or seasonal registration
  • Flexible athlete profiles that makes it easy for users to register for camps, clinics, tournaments and more

We are ready to be your below so we can get your camp created TODAY!

As the winter season draws to a close, it is time to begin thinking about evaluations and improvement plans for your coaches. Our Bound Directors have performed hundreds of evals over the years and have put together a step-by-step checklist to help you through this very important task. Download it today at the button below.

At Bound, we're all about helping ADs be more efficient and effective. Part of that commitment is developing tools you can implement in your work. Click the button below to access our month-by-month AD checklists.

Bound™ is a sports technology startup based in Ames, Iowa. Founded by Sam Schill, Brian Capesius, Nathan Haila, Todd Lawler, Rob Lynch, and Tom Lynch, Bound™ leverages the founding team’s extensive experience in youth activities and sports data management to create a a comprehensive platform that delivers effective, efficient web-based and app-based tools to activities administrators while putting a wealth of data in the hands of coaches, participants, parents and fans. The founding team is confident that their shared vision of making the youth activities experience easier to navigate will improve the atmosphere for all involved by leaps and bounds.