Bound Break (Issue 11)

In this edition of Bound Break, we hone in on what it means to lead with integrity and offer up some actionable info on more effectively and efficiently raising funds to support your program.

Bound Break (Issue 11)

Unify Your Fundraising Efforts with Bound

As budgets continue to tighten and the cost of running a quality athletics program continues to rise, it is vital to be able to tap private sources of revenue to keep things moving forward.

"We have been working with Bound for the past couple of years. The software and app are both designed very well and accesses can be tailored to your needs. Scott Garvis has been extremely helpful every step-of-the-way with introduction, training, applications, and sharing ideas that are effective. North Mahaska appreciates the partnership we now have with Bound!" -Mike Mitchell, President of the North Mahaska (Iowa) Athletic Boosters

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Chapter 6 is LIVE!

Putting your integrity on display will ensure your coaches, students, administration and parents buy into your vision. They’ll see that what you say and what you do are aligned and that your morals are guiding your actions.

Activity Registration ... in a Snap!

More and more schools and athletics clubs are choosing Bound for their Activity Registrations! Check the video below for an overview of how our innovative tools can make your department or club more efficient and effective.

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Bound™ is a sports technology startup based in Ames, Iowa. Founded by Sam Schill, Brian Capesius, Nathan Haila, Todd Lawler, Rob Lynch, and Tom Lynch, Bound™ leverages the founding team’s extensive experience in youth activities and sports data management to create a a comprehensive platform that delivers effective, efficient web-based and app-based tools to activities administrators while putting a wealth of data in the hands of coaches, participants, parents and fans. The founding team is confident that their shared vision of making the youth activities experience easier to navigate will improve the atmosphere for all involved by leaps and bounds.