Bound Break (Issue 1)

Bound Break (Issue 1)

We Are Bound™

It's an exciting time for us at headquarters as we have officially changed our name to Bound™. With the name change comes an expansion that will bring youth sports and activities together for athletic directors, administrators, coaches, participants and fans. You're bound for greatness and we want to help you along the way ... learn more about our vision for Bound™ at the button below.

Selling the Passion

Photo: Dan Holm, Ankeny Fanatic

There's nothing like the excitement surrounding a high school sporting event. Upgrading your fundraising efforts starts with conveying that passion--and explaining the market it can bring--to local businesses.

Hurdling Administrative Challenges

One aspect of coaching at the high school level often overlooked is the administrative challenge that comes with managing a team. Bound™ lends coaches a helping hand.

Stats and More… at Your Fingertips

The team that developed the innovative QuikStats Iowa platform is behind Bound™, which made pulling varsity level stats from virtually every sport in Iowa into the app seamless. From bowling and volleyball to wrestling, track and more, individual and team stats for Iowa high school athletes are available at the fingertips of Bound™ users.

The entry of stats for varsity level sports is mandated for all schools by the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union and the Iowa High School Athletic Association. After the stats are loaded, they are made available for free to anyone, anywhere.

Originally, the stats were only available on a website. When Bound™ was launched in 2018, it made the information accessible via app for the first time. Currently the stats function is only available for Iowa high schools, although the technology can be configured to accommodate any state association.

Learn more about Bound™ tools for high schools at the button below.

Bound™ is a sports technology startup based in Ames, Iowa. Founded by Sam Schill, Brian Capesius, Nathan Haila, Todd Lawler, Rob Lynch, and Tom Lynch, Bound™ leverages the founding team’s extensive experience in youth activities and sports data management to create a a comprehensive platform that delivers effective, efficient web-based and app-based tools to activities administrators while putting a wealth of data in the hands of coaches, participants, parents and fans. The founding team is confident that their shared vision of making the youth activities experience easier to navigate will improve the atmosphere for all involved by leaps and bounds.