Beyond Bound | Standards of Excellence

Beyond Bound | Standards of Excellence

Raising the Bar: Embracing Standards of Excellence in Education Based Athletics

In the dynamic world of athletics, the pursuit of excellence is an unending journey. Athletes and teams are constantly seeking ways to elevate their performance, and amidst this quest, the concept of Standards of Excellence has emerged as a powerful guiding force. But what exactly are Standards of Excellence, and why are they preferred over rigid rules?

Beyond Bound | Standards of Excellence with Aaron Stecker

Understanding Standards of Excellence

At its core, Standards of Excellence represent a set of agreed-upon behaviors or modes of operation that align with the vision and mission of an individual or team. These standards serve as levels of acceptable conduct that transcend mere rules, fostering an environment where athletes can collectively strive towards a shared goal.

Collaboration in Action

In a team setting, Standards of Excellence are collaborative in nature. They emphasize the collective power of choice, where behaviors either meet the standard or they do not. This simple yet profound principle encourages athletes to make conscious decisions that contribute to the overall success of the team.

The Power of Choice

"Be where you are supposed to be! Be on time... Be ready to go! Do what you are supposed to do! To the best of your ability...every time. Act the way you are supposed to act!" These commandments underline the essence of Standards of Excellence. It's about making choices that align with the agreed-upon standards, a philosophy that can be seamlessly applied to classroom standards of excellence as well.

Lou Holtz's Three Standards for Life

The legendary Lou Holtz encapsulates the essence of Standards of Excellence with his three life standards: "Do right. Do everything to the best of your ability with the time allotted. Show people you care." These principles transcend sports, resonating as guiding beacons for personal and professional success.

Standards of Excellence vs. Rules

The distinction between Standards of Excellence and rules lies in their nature and impact. Standards are positive, facilitating the mission and vision of individuals or teams, while rules are often punitive, defining what behaviors are allowed or not allowed. Standards encourage a horizontal leadership approach, shifting ownership and accountability to individuals or the team, fostering a supportive environment for difficult conversations.

Challenge: Beyond Rules, Embrace Standards

The challenge is clear – embrace Standards of Excellence. The call is to set aside time with your team, collaborate, and develop three critical Standards of Excellence that will drive excellence throughout the year. It's an invitation to think beyond the constraints of rules and policies, fostering a culture where personal and professional growth is not only encouraged but expected.

In the realm of sports, where success is measured by inches and milliseconds, Standards of Excellence offer a roadmap towards continuous improvement. It's not just about winning; it's about the journey, the choices made, and the commitment to excellence that defines a true champion. As we gear up for the challenges that lie ahead, let Standards of Excellence be our guiding light on the path to victory.

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