Beyond Bound: Developing & Implementing your Athletic Culture

Beyond Bound: Developing & Implementing your Athletic Culture

In our latest episode of Beyond Bound, Aaron Stecker, C.M.A.A., facilitated an engaging panel discussion with Scott Garvis C.M.A.A., Mark Gunderson, Brian Petersen C.A.A., and Joey Struwe C.M.A.A.. The conversation delved into the essential aspects of establishing a robust athletic culture, drawing from the speakers' extensive experiences.

Stecker kicked off the discussion by revisiting the process of defining standards of excellence, a topic he had previously explored in a presentation back in January. He emphasized the importance of understanding the foundational elements of culture, such as vision, mission, and core values.

The panelists shared their perspectives on the significance of aligning stakeholders in the process, involving coaches, athletes, and the broader community. Struwe highlighted the value of engaging coaches through professional development programs like the 3D coaching program, fostering a deeper understanding of individual and team transformation.

Petersen echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need for a common language among coaches and athletes. He detailed an approach where coaches were tasked with crafting statements that reflected how each core value manifested in their specific teams. This exercise aimed to provide clarity on the practical implications of the established values.

Gunderson provided insights into a district-wide initiative that took place several years ago, spearheaded by a superintendent. The comprehensive approach involved administrators, coaches, teachers, parents, and community leaders, ensuring a shared vision across the entire school system. Despite changes in leadership, the core values endured, highlighting the enduring power of a well-established foundation.

Garvis expanded on the strategic importance of having a shared vision, emphasizing that without a clear understanding of who you are and where you want to go, planning for the future becomes challenging. He stressed the need for constant reflection and alignment with the mission, vision, and core values in decision-making processes.

As the discussion unfolded, the panelists explored the implementation of these foundational elements within athletic programs. They touched on strategies for translating core values into actionable steps, encouraging coaches to integrate them into team discussions and practices.

The episode concluded with Stecker expressing his excitement for the next installment, where the focus will shift towards practical applications and strategies for bringing the established culture to life within athletic programs.

The insights shared by the panelists underscored the enduring impact of a well-defined and collectively embraced athletic culture, serving as a guiding force for coaches, athletes, and the broader community. The forthcoming episode promises to delve deeper into the actionable steps that can transform these foundational principles into lived experiences within athletic departments.